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This project is in collaboration with the
University of British Columbia
Okanagan Campus 

Our Blue Planet (OBP) is pleased to announce a special research project in conjunction with the University of British Columbia Okanagan (UBCO) campus for the development of NanoTerraTech Carbon Nanotubes.

NanoTerraTech Carbon Nanotubes is derived from 100% sustainable waste wood products, the structured VAGNAs have been shown to be an extremely conductive material, suitable for use in rechargeable batteries and other energy storage devices. Using a proprietary NanoTerraTech Carbon Nanotubes process, we hope to demonstrate alignment and customization of pore size range spanning from macro, meso, micro to promote superior ion exchange, faster charge times, and superior energy density.

The use of biomass to create Carbon Nanotubes in the most sustainable way as possible was the overall project driver. Having zero petroleum based carbons as a battery anode will have a dramatic reduction in GHG emissions, and will deviate from current battery anode graphite that is derived from environmentally damaging extractive processes such as mining or from fossil fuel products.

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