Sustainability and Environmental, Social & Governance

NanoTerraTech is developing its products, technology, business practices and ESG
Sustainability Strategy to be a Net Zero, Climate Positive company from the outset.

We are developing Sustainability Strategy using SASB and the GRI frameworks
with the guidance of our in-house ISSP Sustainability Professional.

United Nation Sustainable Development Goals

NanoTerraTech has aligned with following United Nation Sustainable Development Goals.

Non Profits and Charities

NanoTerraTech has aligned with following Non Profits and Charities.

Tree Canada - Donate Now


We’re excited to partner with Tree Canada in their tree planting initiative.
We strongly align with this environmental cause and understand the need for reforestation.

We have set up a fundraising page as an additional effort to support this organization in their mission.


“To inspire, educate and enable Canadians to plant and nurture
trees in order to improve lives and address climate change.”


Donating can apply towards a Carbon Offset program and be
a positive contribution to your ESG Sustainability Reporting.
(You will be given a tax deductible Non-Profit receipt.)

Please join us by donating today, or by making regular contributions.
We THANK YOU and are grateful for any contribution towards this cause.

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