What We Do

NanoTerraTech creates Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) from
Sustainable Biomass, instead of dirty and harmful Fossil Fuels.

NanoTerraTech CNT can be used to create superior materials and products for a multitude of
industrial applications, making them stronger, lighter and most importantly sustainable.

We use waste materials like Forestry and Agricultural Biomass to create Carbon Nanotubes, that in turn makes Products and Special Material.

From Biomass

To Carbon Nanotubes

To Sustainable Goods

Why NanoTerraTech Carbon Nanotubes Better

NanoTerraTech Carbon Nanotubes use Biomass Materials to create Green Graphene
Because it’s Cleaner, Readily Available and Sustainable.

We have developed a simple two step process to convert biomass such as waste wood, leave and agricultural waste into NanoTerraTech Carbon Nanotubes and can tailor the material during the process to enhance its characteristics to an application.

NanoTerraTech Carbon Nanotubes can be added to numerous materials to enhance performance: to elastomers for strength and toughness; to polymers for strength, fire retardancy, and thermal conductivity; to inks for electrical conductivity and capacitance. Improvements from graphene additives over conventional materials are typically at least 30%, if not more. Our NanoTerraTech Carbon Nanotubes comes from a sustainable source, meaning a dramatic reduction in greenhouse gases over typical mined graphite or fossil fuel based derived materials. Using our proprietary process, we can tailor the material characteristics to the applications like; EVs, Wearables, Laptops, Cell Phone Batteries, Tires, Plastics, etc.

✫ The use of biomass to create graphene by following best practices and our guiding principles for sustainability, the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

✫ Using our proprietary process, we tailor the material characteristics to the application. IE: EVs, Wearables, Laptops and Cell Phone Batteries, etc.

✫ The result is a dramatic reduction of Green House Gases emissions by using no fossil fuel materials.

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